BANKI TRADING - Petrochemical


Energy Solutions


Banki Trading has successfully delivered agricultural, food, industrial and financial solutions for its customers.

In addition to these activities, we actively purchase and deliver energy sources and related commodities, in the right quantity and time our customers require.

Our range of products covers the entire barrel and comprise refinery gas, ethane, LPG, aviation gasoline, motor gasoline, jet fuels, kerosene, gas/diesel oil, fuel oil, naphtha, white spirit, lubricants, bitumen, paraffin waxes, petrochemicals and polymers.


Energy price fluctuations can have a significant impact on our customers bottom line, for that reason we can also assist with:
• Financial guarantees and agreements with multiple counter-parties.
• Ability to handle energy-related operations issues.
• In-house administration and reporting functions.
• In-depth knowledge of markets, risk mitigation strategies and accounting rules.
• Prospective analysis capabilities and the time and staff to constantly chase down appropriate information.

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